The fastest Ferrari road car ever has finally debuted at the Geneva International Auto Show. The new Ferrari supercar combines the highest performance V12 engine ever placed in a Ferrari with the Formula One derived hybrid drive system, the HY-KERS. LaFerrari will be produced in only 499 examples and its bodywork is entirely in ultra-light weight carbon fiber. The computer controlled aerodynamics, dynamic control systems and braking are all integrated with the revolutionary hybrid drive system which provides superior levels of low speed torque allowing optimizing the V12 engine at higher speeds. The result leads to a seamless delivery of exceptional power and a maximum speed of 217 mph.

LaFerrari represents the marque’s most important project to push the limits of technology on a road car, in order to achieve the best expression of the Prancing Horse’s technology enhancements in both GT engineering and Formula One. The new Ferrari supercar features the most extreme performance ever achieved by a Prancing Horse production car as well as the most innovative and advanced technical solutions and will be available to only 499 selected clients in the world Rent a Ferrari in Miami.

LaFerrari is the first car produced in Maranello featuring a hybrid technology. Its V12 6262cc engine delivers 800 CV that generates a total of over 960 CV if we add the electric motor additional 163 CV. The new Ferrari Supercar is the most efficient and high performance Ferrari ever built, mainly thanks to one of the most technological enhancements o represented by the new HY-KERS, a system that provides maximum incorporation between the electric motor and the V12 engine, impeccably mixing maximum efficiency with extreme performance. The high levels of torque delivered at low revs by the electric motor optimize the performances of the internal combustion engine at higher revs, while also securing a maximum torque peak of over 900 Nm. A solution that did not increase the car wheelbase or dimensions but that contributed, instead, to lower its gravity center.

The Formula One dual-clutch gearbox is joined with the electric motor allowing reducing weight and optimizing the overall car dimensions. Lastly, the Ferrari HY-KERS system was designed to be modular and flexible so it can be applied to other Ferrari models in the future.

New Ferrari Supercar, LaFerrari, Unveiled at Geneva Auto Show

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