Just the Facts

The Select Comfort Memory Foam Classic Shape Pillow is similar yet less expensive the the Select Comfort Contour Shaped Memory Foam Pillow. The Classic pillow is constructed from high-density (5.5 lb.) viscoelastic memory foam turkish kilim pillows.

Zoned areas of flexible and weight-sensitive foam distribute support in way that provides your head, neck and torso with even support. You can turn the pillow over for a smoother surface. The pillow is available in four- and five-inch profile heights.

The pillow cover is a 75 percent cotton, 25 percent polyester velour zippered cover. The cover can be machine washed and dried. The pillow, however, should only be spot cleaned and air dried since it will be damaged in a machine.

The Review

About ten years ago, I hurt my neck in a severe car accident. As a result, my neck has arthritis, and I have a hard time finding comfort when I lie down. I tried countless different pillows, including water, down, feather, latex, buckwheat and others. But I had no luck. Then I bought the Select Comfort pillow with the five-inch profile and have found relief. I now wake up with little or no pain or stiffness.

I can use the pillow for both side and back sleeping positions. I’ve even tried it when in a stomach position, and while not ideal, it’s not too bad. In addition, with other pillows I’ve owned I sometimes had allergy issues, but not with this one.

In regard to durability, it’s been several years and the pillow has held up very well. It has lost some of its “memory,” but that is to be somewhat expected.

Review of Select Comfort Memory Foam Classic Shape Pillow

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