If you care more about the taste of food than how much you paid for it, then perhaps you are one of the millions of people who would rather have Mexican street food than pay 300 dollars for a four star French restaurant. That position makes sense as you do not have to pay hundreds of dollars to have your mouth delighted with many flavors. When you visit Mexico City or any part in Mexico for that matter, sometimes you will not even have to spend 5 dollars to get some of the best food you ever had. There are some things however that you should know about Mexican food before you decide to buy your next meal mexican food delivery near me.

It Is Spicy

When you visit Tex-Mex restaurants in the US or Europe you have some spicy choices, but in reality when you visit Mexico you will realize that unless you specify that you do want an a spicy dish you will get hot spices that make the ones everywhere else look like milk and cookies. The spicy choice in the States or the UK will probably be mild when you arrive in Mexico. If you are not a big fan of spicy foods, then you should go easy on (or avoid) Habanero and Pico de Gallo as they are very spicy. When it comes to salsa you will have usually two choices, and those are green and red. They can be equally spicy but red can be a bit milder. Try a drop with your index finger to see if it is too much for you. Mole is spicy, but it is too good to not have.

Know The Terms Used

It is also a good idea to know he terms for the food you are eating as nothing goes to waste here. An adventurous person may be willing to try tacos de ojo (eye), tripa (tripe) or de sesos (brains), but the not so adventurous may want to stick to suadero (beef brisket), pastor (spiced pork), bistec (steak) or just pollo (chicken). Either way you will find that all choices can be very tasty if you put your inhibitions to the side. The more you know about the terms used, the more willing you will be to try the food. Don’t worry, cats and dogs are never on the menu, but crickets are in some areas of the country.

Try Street Food

One of the biggest things that you hear when heading to Mexico is the advice not to try the street food. While some people can get sick it is usually because of the spice and not because of unsanitary reasons. The meats are well done so bacteria are a non factor. It is very likely that you will not be using the pink stuff, but if you have a weak stomach you may want to have some handy anyway. The one rule to follow is that is a food stand is packed you will enjoy the food. Besides, the food stands serve the real Mexican food, and it is an experience you should not avoid.

Things To Know About Mexican Food During Your Trip

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